Sunday, 26 May 2013

Make way for the Tenants

Make way for the Tenants - MLAIU

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Yesterday turned out to be a very lazy day for me. I mentioned in my last post that i would go swimming, then go to church and then to the party. Well, swimming and church did not happen. I had very bad headache which i thought would pass away but it didn't. The headache got worse so i skipped swimming and church. I did go to the party/function but stayed only for couple of minutes.

 So had to catch up on yesterdays schedule. Got up at 06:30, got mys elf ready to go to church and then went for my swimming session. it was good. Atleast i did something rather than staying indoors.

Make way for the Tenants - MLAIU

Make way for the Tenants - MLAIU

Make way for the Tenants - MLAIU
Matching Matching :)
 By the time i got home and entered my room, i realised that some of my things were boxed up and there were bags and suitcases that i did not recognised. 

I went downstairs to my parents to enquire what's going on? The answer was "You have to move out of your room and shift with the brothers.Basically, share a room with my brothers.
My room was going to be taken over by the tenants, who are going to pay £100 and i pay £1000+some bills. 
Can you believe it? 

I spent the afternoon crying on and off & packing  my things from the room and shifting it to the shed. Things that i will be using regularly has been packed in two suitcases and has been placed in the reception area  because there is not enough space in the bedroom. 

Make way for the Tenants - MLAIU

Make way for the Tenants - MLAIU

Make way for the Tenants - MLAIU

By the end of the packing and shifting all that crap, i was so hungry so decided to make a cheese sandwich (toasted one). You wont believe it but that stupid freaking thing had to burn. By now i am fuming and swearing (firing bad words in my own mind).

What a day huh?? How was you day beautiful people? 

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