Saturday, 8 June 2013

Forgive and Forget

 Forgive and Forger -

Two simple words, easy to pronounce and write. However, when the time comes to put them into action, this is when it gets difficult and tough. 

From my personal experience, i find forgiving easy than forgetting. However, it does not mean that forgiving is easy. It's just between the two, Forgive wins the race for me.

I tend to hold on to things and take a long time to move on and forget. Especially, when the hurt and wound is too deep and worse if it is my loved one.
 This does not help me at all in fact i make things worse for myself by dwelling on the past that i cannot change and in midst of that ruin my present and completely ignore my future.

My experience has taught me that there are way important things that needs my attention. I have been wasting all my energy on stuff that don't do me any good. All it does is create unwanted fears and negative energy.

Believe me, the feeling is so good when you forgive someone. The happiness and the joy that comes through forgiveness is just
indescribable. Feels like a load of pressure has been taken away.

Which one of the two do you prefer, Forgive or Forget?

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