Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend so far.

There are 4x functions taking place today and the best and worse thing is we have to attend all four of them. 

These are all close family friends, so not going to any one of them is going to be a big scene. 
Well, most of my family members will be attending them. Actually, they are getting ready while i'm busy writing this post. I can hear loud noises, probably arguing with each other as to what to wear (casual or formal). I am sure that my brother wants to wear something casual and my dad is forcing them to wear a shirt and a tie (lol).

I have decided to skip x3 of them and attend only one (being naughty, i know). But, before i get myself in the party mood, it swimming and church first.

What are you guys up to? doing anything nice?

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